Travel Safety Advice

“How Safe Is Your Next Trip...Know Before You Go!”

Business travel, unless proven otherwise exposes employees to hazards and threats. Preventing these hazards and threats or avoiding their impact can be done by proactively informing the travellers. b-Aware provides the direct link between the traveller and the gigantic amount of travel safety information that is available.

Our travel safety analysis seeks to contain EVERYTHING a traveller, whether a first time or seasoned traveller, will need for their journey. The analysis includes:

  • Destination analysis (country or city based)
  • Medical information
  • General Safety advice
  • Transport Safety advice
  • Tips and Tricks

Using custom made filters, b-Aware creates a unique analysis for your travellers and managers. It will be practically useable and efficient to determine if the safety of the trip is acceptable with or without additional support, control or management.